Rates for Wet wash + Iron have been updated effective 01-Apr-17

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We present to you two different levels of laundry. They are simple and straightforward. Make a choice and call us!


Get your clothes washed clean of all the dirt they have met with. Be assured that we use garment friendly washing chemicals and your clothes are washed and supervised by professionals who just won’t let you down and we iron it with our perfect ironing service. We make sure that all the creases and corners of your garment are ironed with the correct temperature and technique to make it look smart. Don’t let the creases hamper your impression and appearance.


Rs 100/kg for all types of clothes given for laundry

Some garments are very delicate, or some clothes have some work done over them. If washed as a part of regular laundry, the quality may be damaged. We offer drycleaning services for such garments. With drycleaning, the garment is washed with the use of special technique and chemicals. This ensures the garment is cleaned but without harming the quality of the fibers.
Only the way to do the laundry is different in dry cleaning. myWash gives equal attention and care as we do for our other laundry services.

Wrinkle free packing includes a special packing given to your clothes to ensure that the ironed clothes remain wrinkle free till you actually use them. This also helps increase the garment’s quality life. With this service, it gets easier to store in your wardrobe or carry clothes while you travel


ParticularRate (INR) ParticularRate (INR)
Shirt/ T Shirt/ Ladies Top 50   Saree (Chiffon/ Cotton) 135
Trouser 50   Slik Saree 220
Denims 120   Saree ( Crape/ Zari ) 225
Silk Shirt 100   Blouse 45
Blazer / Coat 225   Ghagra Top 150
Kurta & Payjama (Silk) 200   Ghagra Skirt 250
Sherwani 300   Ghagra Chunari 80
Jacket/ Pullover/ Sweater 120   Skirt 80
Waist Coat 45   Liner 50
Silk Dhoti 75   Kids Wear 50
Shorts 45   Bed Sheet (Single) 50
Tie 45   Bed Sheet (Double) 75
Salwar 50   Blanket 250
Kameez 50   Quilt 220
Soft Toy 200   Pillow Cover 30
Designer Wear Open   Carpet per Sq. ft. 30