Rates for Wet wash + Iron have been updated effective 01-Apr-17

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A. Dial the lucky number

myWash gives you plenty of easy options to connect to us. You can call us or message us on +91 9850 340 341 or just click Book a pickup and we will soon come to your door step.
Save that number. It's your lucky number, which will rescue you from that growing pile of laundry.
You don't have to waste precious time in segregating your clothes into darks and whites, keeping away those nasty ones which give away their colour then soaking all of them, so on and so forth. Why don't you just let us take care of your laundry and you use your time for yourself and your loved ones. Still not convinced? Just go through Why myWash and we are waiting for your call.

B. Knock Knock..Here we are!

Tell us how you want your laundry done. Our co-ordinator will weigh your clothes and request you to customize your order to suit your needs.
Just fluff and fold or would you prefer most of them ironed or you can have few done wrinkle free packing. Get benefited from our deals to save more.
Now that was all you had to do, to make sure that your clothes are washed by trained staff and monitored by professionals who are in this industry for more than 10 years.
Easy wasn't it!!

Please don't worry about the rates. They are affordable and will fit you budget for sure. You anyways end up paying the same or most probably more amount in buying a washing machine or getting laundry done at home and then put time and efforts in ironing them. So relax, you have made a good choice.

C. Clean and Green wash

You did your part, now it's our turn. At MyWash we take our processes very seriously. We take every measure to ensure the garment is cleaned with care. Be it soaking in soft water to ensure that no water marks affect the garment or be it environment friendly detergents used according to the need of the garment. With our expertise and well built facilities, we will ensure your clothes and home textiles retain their goodness.

You no more have to rely on home remedies or maid wash, which may not always be a safe choice.

D. Deliver back in 24 hours

Here we are again. Yes, in 24 hours we will have your laundry done and delivered back to you. Quick wasn't it? Just pull it out of your wardrobe and its ready to wear, just perfect for the occasion! You will love to feel your clothes so fresh after wash and the neat ironing will give them a shine.
Wait, it's not over yet. Tell us when you want us to come for the next pile of laundry.